A guide to clever borrowing

A guide to clever borrowingNot enough home buyers are seeking professional financial advice when it comes to applying for a mortgage or life insurance, says Aseem Agarwal of Global Finance. The company opened in 1999, has offices in Auckland and Tauranga, and has helped thousands of first-home buyers obtain the mortgages they need. “Not many Kiwis take professional advice... Read More »

Property price forecast for 2024 and beyond

This article based on information and technical knowledge from Head of Mortgage broker at Global Finance, Aseem Agarwal, explores the economic changes shaping the immediate future of New Zealand’s property market. 1: The inverse relationship between property prices and interest rates In January 2023, interest rates peaked at 6.69% for 5-year fixed mortgages. This surge... Read More »

When do I take out insurance policies?

When do I take out insurance policies?It may not be as exciting as shopping for a home, but insurance should always sit at the top of your to-do list. Banks will want proof you’ve arranged home insurance before settling, and you and your family need to be well protected. Why you need insurance Natural disasters like flooding, fires or earthquakes are... Read More »

Affordable Auckland properties – where are they hiding?

Great news – your pre-approval has come through, which means you’re about to hunt for your dream home. For most New Zealanders, owning a home is a big deal – whether it be a lifestyle block, a simple home in the suburbs or a 10th-storey city apartment – and you want to get as much... Read More »

Benefits of Interest-Only Mortgage in New Zealand

The interest-only mortgage involves a borrower taking a mortgage, and they are required to pay the resulting interest on that loan first for a given period. The principal will be repaid either in subsequent payment or in a lump sum at a specific date. It is a very common process in money lending. So necessarily... Read More »

Tips for Property Investment in New Zealand

Tips for Property Investment in New ZealandAccording to most investment mentors, investing in real estate can be a handy way to grow your wealth. It is not an easy task or decision to do the right investment. Buying a property can be a daunting task. Even simply signing a rental agreement can be intimidating for most of us. Never mind actually... Read More »

Ajay Kumar named a finalist for EY Entrepreneur of the year 2019

Ajay Kumar named a finalist for EY Entrepreneur of the year 2019The face of the New Zealand entrepreneur is changing if last month’s finalists in the 2019 EY Entrepreneur of Year are anything to go by. The diverse ethnicities making up the brightest and best in class across our country was impressive to see and evident of the multicultural contribution to our GDP. One such finalist... Read More »

Top 5 Mortgage Brokers in New Zealand

A mortgage broker serves as a go-between for an entity (usually a bank) that lends money for the mortgage and the entity (usually a person) that is asking for a loan. It can be handy to have a professional while applying home or business loan. Most of the mortgage brokers provide few consultancies in New... Read More »

Question & Answer Session With Leading Mortgage Broker Agency In New Zealand

Global Financial Services is one of leading mortgage broker agency in Auckland, New Zealand. We are a highly respected, trusted and awarded agency. We have been helping kiwi families to reach their dream for 20+ years. Since 1999 we’ve been helping Kiwis realise their dreams by helping them get loans to purchase their first home,... Read More »

Benefits of property investment in Auckland, New Zealand

Did you know that today you have the best opportunity for the real estate investments in New Zeland? Most of the people don`t know that if you decide to invest in the real estate market, you`ll find the most catchy reasonable rates and low-interest rates in the last thirty years. If you want to achieve... Read More »