Ajay Kumar named a finalist for EY Entrepreneur of the year 2019

Ajay Kumar named a finalist for EY Entrepreneur of the year 2019

The face of the New Zealand entrepreneur is changing if last month’s finalists in the 2019 EY Entrepreneur of Year are anything to go by. The diverse ethnicities making up the brightest and best in class across our country was impressive to see and evident of the multicultural contribution to our GDP.

One such finalist recognized is Ajay Kumar of Global Finance, who for more than 20 years since immigrating to New Zealand, has committed to supporting and advising customers and wider communities on how to secure and structure mortgage enabling them to be debt-free and financially better off far sooner than they ever dreamed possible. And like any good practitioner, he takes a holistic approach so you can expect him and his team to make sure you have considered how you may want to protect you and your family from the financial liabilities of a mortgage 7 the equity you have built along the way with appropriate insurance solutions

“We are immensely proud of the help we have been able to provide to anyone who calls New Zealand home. We know how hard it can be to establish yourself and your family in a new country financially so to be able to educate and advise people of the financial products and options they have to help achieve this is a privilege and something we strive to be the best we can be at”

The much-published view that the customer is sovereign is alive and well at Global Finance. It is a philosophy that has been attributed to Gandhi that the customer is the most important visitor a business can have. The customer is not an interruption of work, rather they are the purpose of it and ultimately, they are doing the business a favour by giving them the opportunity to serve them.

There is no doubt that the opportunity to showcase what Global Finance does, how it benefits people and contributes to the economic wellbeing of New Zealanders and be judged against some of the best businesses in the country is of immense value.’

Anyone seriously passionate about their business should be prepared to stand up and be counted. Win or not you and your customers will be better off for it” says Ajay Kumar, and he should know as one of the most independently awarded financial service businesses in New Zealand.


A little about Ajay Kumar & Global Finance

global finance

Mr. Ajay Kumar is founder & director at Global Financial Services Ltd. Global Finance is one of leading mortgage broker company in New Zealand. They currently have 3 branches in Auckland.

GFS has big plans in the financial services sector in coming years but it has had to reschedule its strategic path of growth and diversification because of the present economic climate, Mr Kumar says. He expects the downturn’s effects to last until at least the latter half of 2010 when he reckons things will begin to look up again and there will be a steadier upswing in real estate investment than the present one which he believes is temporary and is driven by the fall in interest rates after so many years.

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