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Global Financial Services is one of leading mortgage broker agency in Auckland, New Zealand. We are a highly respected, trusted and awarded agency. We have been helping kiwi families to reach their dream for 20+ years.

Global Financial Services

Since 1999 we’ve been helping Kiwis realise their dreams by helping them get loans to purchase their first home, investment property, business or commercial property. We negotiate with the bank on your behalf to ensure you receive the best possible deal for your loan, we also help you structure your loan so you can repay the loan as fast as possible without increasing your standard instalment.

Most importantly, you don’t pay for our mortgage or insurance services because the banks and insurance companies pay us a commission once your loan or insurance is settled or drawn down. (T&Cs apply, for more information please ask for our disclosure statement).

We are consistently rated by the banks as being among the top mortgage brokers in Auckland, New Zealand in terms of volume of loans approved and settled in a year. We were awarded as Top Mortgage Adviser of the Year 2012 to 2017 by ANZ Bank & ASB Bank from 2014 to 2016, Business & Commercial Adviser of the Year 2013 by ANZ Bank. Besides this, we have been rated as the top single mortgage broker in the country.

Question & Answer Session

Is it expensive to get a loan approved through a broker?

No, it is free in most of the cases because the broker is being paid by the bank. In certain cases, if any fees are charged, it is informed in writing through a separate agreement before proceeding.

Does GFS provide any service after sales?

Yes. The company provides regular guidance, even personal visits by prior appointments until the loan is completely repaid only in those cases where the company has done the restructuring and the customer has paid the fees for the same. In cases where the company has arranged the loan and not taken any fees, guidance over the phone is always available in the matters related to the mortgage and personal risk insurance.

What is unique about the services Global Financial Services Ltd provide?

The philosophy of Global Financial Services is “to always protect the interest of its customers”.

Our mission is “to make you financially stronger and wiser through our innovative plans and continuous market research”.

“Our vision is to provide you world-class financial services”, high level of satisfaction assured through our services and always maintain our reputation for highest possible integrity and stability in our working.

The company has been promoted by a professional who has more than 35 years of banking experience and is a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Services of Australasia. The company has the policy to use the latest technology in its operation. Through networking, the company is in a position to provide other services such as solicitor, valuer, accountant/tax consultant, real estate agent under one roof at a highly reasonable fees

What is mortgage restructuring?

Mortgage Restructuring is a process that enables you to repay your loan faster according to your capacity and save a significant amount of interest and time. In this process, it is not necessary to alter mortgage instalment which is already fixed.

Is it really beneficial?

Definitely in many cases but not in all cases. Experience it yourself and save on your interest according to your capacity.

Where do the savings come from?

The main savings come from a substantial reduction in the total interest on the mortgage/loan. Some times savings also comes by having only need-based insurance policies to minimize premium. In certain cases savings also comes by reducing bank interest rates, charges, and fees.

Does it have any risk?

Generally not. It enables the customer to remain within a budget prepared by him/her which can be modified if the circumstances and priorities changes later on. But if a customer spends more than the budget, then the effectiveness of this system will reduce or eliminate altogether.

How long does the total process take to set up restructuring?

Generally, it takes 2 to 3 weeks.

How easy is it to restructure my mortgage?

It is as easy as to get your mortgage loan approved. If mortgage restructuring is initiated without any increase in the existing borrowing, most of the banks approve it very quickly. If at the time of restructuring additional borrowing is required then complete loan proposal is to be submitted along with latest income proof, up to date market/government value of the property and latest credit checks of all the customers.

Is it very expensive?

Generally not, but there is always some cost that depends upon circumstances. Experience shows that all the cost whatsoever is recovered because benefits are more than the cost.

What are the costs involved?

Bank charges some fees depending on its policies. In addition, bank fees “early repayment” costs which could vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Besides this, GFS also takes a reasonable amount of fees depending upon the work involved. In all the cases, it is certain that total cost incurred is much less than the savings achieved by way of substantial reductions in the interest on the loan. Savings in time and convenience of services are added advantages.

What are the advantages of getting life and other personal risk insurance policies through GFS?

GFS always provide advice to all its customers that when you are completing your insurance application form, always provide full and accurate information. GFS make a follow up with the insurance companies so that your claim settled as quickly as possible.

Are GFS advisers are registered advisers?

Yes. We have registered mortgage & insurance advisers.

How we can get disclosure statement of each adviser?

On request, it will be mailed or emailed to you that too free of cost.

Global Financial Services: 

Airport Oaks Branch: Kudos Business Centre Unit 19, 203 Kirkbride Road, Mangere, Auckland 2022

Henderson Branch: 103 Lincoln Road, Henderson, Auckland 0610

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