Top 5 Mortgage Brokers in New Zealand

A mortgage broker serves as a go-between for an entity (usually a bank) that lends money for the mortgage and the entity (usually a person) that is asking for a loan. It can be handy to have a professional while applying home or business loan. Most of the mortgage brokers provide few consultancies in New Zealand.

A mortgage (also known as a loan) is a loan guaranteed by using the borrower’s property (home or business) as collateral. If the borrower can’t pay off the loan, the lender is legally able to seize possession of the property and sell it to recover the loan.


In New Zealand, the number of people taking out mortgages on their properties increases as the desire in New Zealand real estate, and the cost of living in New Zealand increases. But not all borrowers are familiar with the process. Here’s a list of the best mortgage broker agencies who can help with the process.


1)  Global Financial Services:

Global Finance is one of leading mortgage broker agency in New Zealand. This award-winning company is well renowned in the field of mortgages and personal risk advisory. Founded in 1999, Global Financial Services now runs three separate branches in Mangree, Henderson, and Manukau. Mr. Ajay Kumar Agarwal is a director for this award-winning broker company. According to our research, we found that they are one of the leading (probably No1) broker in New Zealand.  They offer services in:
• Mortgage Restructuring
• Mortgage Refinancing
• Business and Commercial Loans
• Construction Loans
• Property Investment
• Debt Consolidation
• Life Insurance Services

Their main office is located in the Kudos Business Centre, 19/203 Kirkbride Road, Airport Oaks, Auckland 2022

2) iLender Mortgage Broker

This company is  in the Auckland area as well as the North Shore, Central, West, and East Auckland. iLender Mortgage Broker has all the required qualifications for any mortgage brokers. The services offered are:

• Bank Mortgages
• Self-employed Mortgages
• Low Doc/No Doc Mortgages
• Asset Lends
• Investment Property Mortgage
• First Home Mortgage
The company’s address is 65 Karepiro Dr, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa 0932.

3) First Rate Mortgage Services Limited

This company’s focus is on helping customers find the financial solutions that solve their particular problems. First Rate Mortgage Services offers more loan options than most mortgage brokers with the variety of the Bank and Non-Bank lenders the company offers. The broker mostly helps low income first home buyers, property investors, refinancing, and debt consolidating clients and self-employed workers. The services offered include:

• Low Deposit NZ Home Loans
• Mortgage Refinancing
• Debt Consolidation
• Construction Loan

4) Hatch Financial Services

Even though it was founded in 2016, this company has already made a name for itself in mortgage brokering. They offer various kinds of financial advisory services, including mortgages, loans, etc. Their advisory services are offered free of charge and are offered 24/7. They also have access to over 25 lenders and are willing to search for the best deals for their clients.

5) Squirrel Mortgage

Eight years of service helping New Zealanders with mortgages is what this company brings to the table. Squirrel Mortgage is very good at helping customers navigate the complicated issues with mortgages and making the process as simple as possible. The services offered are:
• Bank Deposits
• First Mortgage
• Health Insurance
• Home Improvement Loans
The company’s address is 38 College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland.

To sum up, we prepared this top 5 mortgage broker based on information available on the Internet. We did not account the broker’s profit or size of the company. Their many brokers might be top list as well.

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