Some of the most fundamental mortgage refinancing issues

Mortgage refinancing is in simple terms to swith one bank or lenders to another bank or lenders. Most of people has fear regarding documentation stress or change over stress. However, it is very easy process and it gives you change to get lower interest rates. Almost all mortgage broker agencies or independent professionals provide affordable and expert mortgage refinance services in NZ. It is very important to choose experienced and specialized refinace brokers. For most homeowners, clearing the home mortgage is a daunting task. So much effort is put into raising funds, others suffer excessively by paying without being aware of interest rates and changes in the economy. The best way to put a stop to all this financial torture is by carrying out mortgage financing. This is the getting of new mortgage in order to replace the current one. It is carried out to obtain a better interest rate on the current mortgage. Here are some of the best ways to refinance mortgage:


1. Research on the value of your home: 

It is very important to get valuation for your property. Doing this is easy if you apply the right technique. You don’t have to make so many calls or try to identify its builder. Simply identify other homes in your locality that resemble it and find out their costs from their owners. This will enable you to come up with a reasonable cost for your home. Alternatively, you could look up its value on credible home value sources online. If you get proper valuation for your property, you may go to broker to refinance your mortgage. It is very faster and easy process.

2. Find out why you’re refinancing

It might sound obvious, but refinancing for all the right reasons will get you faster results. Don’t do it because others are doing it. Do it to meet your own individual needs, such as maintaining the term of your loan as you lower the rate of interest. You may get offer for many brokers for doing refinance. You should choose good and local brokers.

3. Get all the necessary paperwork

It is very important step for doing mortgage refinancing. If you get all necessary paperwork, it means 60% work done. This may be difficult to do if you carry out all your financial affairs via the internet, but it’s crucial since the lender will need it during the loan process. Print or download them if you have to.


4. Look around for the best mortgage rate

In New Zealand, most of banks and financial lenders offer different interest rates. You need to resarch and find best mortgage rates before refinancing. I personally recommeneded to hige professional broker. 90% brokers offer free consultation as they get money from bank. You have to be aware of all the rates available so that you can make an informed choice. You could make this possible by subscribing for daily updates or carrying out research online.

5. Find out your present credit score

It is very important to know your present credit score. If your credit score is lower, you may not get refinancing from top ranked banks in New Zealand. A credit score is a value that determines how worthy you are to receive a loan. If you have a good score, you’ll receive numerous impressive mortgage refinance interest rates.

6. Know how much you’re required to pay

Mortgage refinancing can involve fees such as recording fees, an underwriting fee, and an application fee. Finding out all the fees that come with your preferred choice will help you to plan in advance.


As much as mortgage refinancing can be a great source of help, it can also be a curse if carried out blindly. Here are some mistakes you should avoid as you carry it out:

1. Not carrying out research

40% New Zealand are not doing proper research while approcing mortgage refinancing. It is a big mistake. You need to do proper research while choosing brokers in Auckland or other cities. This makes you spend more than what you planned for or worse still gets you high-interest rates for your mortgage. Before taking this major step, do your homework thoroughly.

2. Failing to shop for alternative mortgage rates

Most people become complacent with working with their current lender. This makes them miss out on better deals that are offered by other lenders. It helps to compare the quote of your lender with those of other lenders.

3. Not putting all the costs into consideration

It helps to be keen on details that are easily overlooked such as the duration of time you have on your present mortgage and if your loan has a penalty for early payment of the mortgage.

4. Failing to lock rates

It’s widely known that refinance rates are not constant. It will, therefore, save you the headache of paying your loan based on the never-ending changes by locking in a rate with your lender.

5. Forgetting that mistakes are bound to happen

If you don’t meet all the requirements, bear in mind that you’re likely to encounter challenges as you seek mortgage refinancing, such as the failure to submit the documents on time.

6. Having a low score on credit

If you have a low credit score, your chances of finding a lender are nill. Trying to compromise with what you currently own will only make things worse.

7. Applying for new credit accounts

Applying for a new credit account could lead to a delay in the process of approval of your request. Lenders check if you apply for one before considering offering you a loan. They may reject you in extreme cases.

8. Failing to consult

If you’re not conversant with the internet, it helps to seek professional assistance from a realtor or a friend who went through the process successfully. Failure to this leads to dire consequences.

In order for mortgage refinancing to be of help to you as a homeowner, you have to go through all the lengths to ensure that you get the help that benefits you and raises your chances of getting a loan without later regrets.

Benefits of Mortgage Refinancing

The mortgage refinancing can be understood in the simplest way as the shifting of a loan from one borrower to another under some mutually agreed conditions. Normally people use to refinance their mortgage in order to get the easier terms of payment and rescheduling of the installment plan. They can even get the discount in rates in mortgage refinancing. Most of the people think that mortgage refinancing or restructuring can be difficult or it might create some people for ongoing loans and rates. However, it is not real. There are many brokers provide easy and fast mortgage refinancing in NZ. Most them offer free services and consultation as well. On the other side, refinancing can also enhance the risks and financial hurdles for the people having poor repayment history.

Benefits of Mortgage Refinancing Services: 

I already mentioned that it is very important to restructure or refinance home loans, if necessary. In this part, I am going to point out some core benefits regarding this issues. The prevailing practice of mortgage refinancing itself is the evidence of its usefulness for the people. There are certain benefits due to which people go for refinancing their loan with some new lender. You can go through the following pros of mortgage refinancing before making your final decision.


  • People refinance their mortgage plan because of the shorter repayment schedule with a minimal or no change in monthly installment. This advantage of mortgage refinancing depends upon the random decrease in interest rates at the government level. According to specialists, many times bank needs to refix rates of the loan. In these circumstances, we need to refinance a home or commercial loans.
  • The lower interest rates in the mortgage are also subject to the clean repayment history of the customer’s utility bills. In this way, you can enjoy the benefit of lower rate in refinancing if you pay your bills and liabilities on time.
  • The lower interest rate in the refinanced mortgage plan certainly comes up positively for the customers to have some monthly savings for their families. There are many banks and lenders offer different rates for different occasions. It can be a good idea to switch better offer regarding rates or other opportunities.
  • Another benefit of mortgage refinancing is the opportunity for customers to buy expensive items or paying off the debt amount of their credit cards.
  • Refinancing of mortgage often gives customers the provision of negotiating with the multiple refinancers and win the lowest rate for the new plan.
  • Another fascinating privilege in refinancing is the option of the merger. Customers can easily merge their multiple mortgages and credit debts into one new mortgage plan with even shorter plan and lower rates.
  • Many experts point out that we can pay off a mortgage faster if we can do efficient refinance for home loans.
  • In New Zealand, customer services are very important. However, some banks may not provide standard customer services. So, it is a good idea to switch, if we are not happy with current lender.


Mortgage refinancing downside:

Apart from the benefits, customers of mortgage refinancing also face significant drawbacks which need to be considered before the maturity of a deal between the parties. Following drawbacks establish the limitations or the mistakes occurred by the customers in refinancing their mortgage plan.

  • You should look into the fact that the mortgage refinancing can although benefit them in saving some extra bucks but you should also, consider the risk of joblessness by which you will suffering going along with your new mortgage plan.
  • As per the suggestions of financial experts, customers must carry out the calculation work in terms of the processing fee for the new mortgage plan. Because in many cases the fee of refinancing is as high as it is compensated by the customer through his/her savings up to months.
  • One common but important issue may arise regarding the prepayment penalties by the existing mortgage lenders. In almost all cases, you have to pay extra penalty amount if you want to pay off your loan before time.
  • In order to get the benefit of lower rate in the refinanced mortgage plan, customers have to live in their existing houses for a certain number of years to be ease in their savings.
  • If you are busy enough, you are more likely to be frustrated with the extensive paperwork and verification process involved in the mortgage refinancing.
  • Above all, if you go to refinance your mortgage plan without proper homework and calculation, you will be disappointed because the latest interest rates or the processing fee are likely to distort your expectations if initiated.

To sum up, home loans refinance in simple terms is the way of switching banks or money lender and transferring your home loans from one bank to another bank to take advantage of more favorable terms and conditions. It can help you to repay your mortgage faster. According to my research, 35% New Zealander is keen to get good rates with excellent customer services from banks or money lender. If you are not happy with your current lender, just refinance with other banks or lenders. It is very easy and fast processing.


Ways to choose best mortgage brokers in Auckland

In New Zealand, there are many independents and mortgage agency provide all types of brokerage services. Some of the agency do lending as well. It is very important to choose a professional and reliable agency to deal with. Some people still believe that it is a bit hard to find quality and best mortgage brokers in Auckland, New Zealand. However, I personally believe that it is not that much hard to choose a good broker. We need to do bit research while choosing a financial adviser. Are you in need of a mortgage loan and wondering where and who to ask well, if you live in a developed country such as New Zealand then you probably need a mortgage broker. This is a person who acts as an intermediary on behalf of a business or an individual to broker a mortgage loan. The broker is likely to get you the best rates even if you choose wisely. To find the best mortgage broker, I recommend the following steps.

Ask Around regarding financial advisor : 

It is an old-fashioned way to find professionals or experts. However, it is still effective to find an expert.One of the best ways to find professional in New Zealand is to ask the people around your area. This is due to the fact that there are many mortgage brokers in New Zealand and finding one to trust can be a challenge. Word of mouth method is a powerful tool as people you can trust are unlikely to recommend a bad mortgage broker.

Search the Internet

Most of highly respected and professionals have a business or personal website. They added information regarding their services, portfolios, and testimonials. I personally believe that we look into Internet to find professional, it can be a very handy way. You are likely to find websites that belong to mortgage brokers and come up with a few names. Once you have determined the names, go ahead and read client reviews and testimonials to find out what type of mortgage broker you are dealing with. A good mortgage broker should have many positive reviews and testimonials as compared to the negative ones. According to recent research, 90% New Zealander spend time on Internet while choosing any services or products. It is very effective and time-consuming ways to find professionals.

Check the Mortgage Broker’s List of reference

A good mortgage broker should have a list of references from clients he has worked with before and should freely show you the list. From the list, you will be able to see the number of clients he has worked with before and you should be able to contact one of them for confirmation and clarity. 60% Mortgage customers come to the agency through word of mouth.


Large Network connections

Large connections are likely to help you find a loan that best suits you. A good mortgage broker should have a large network of connections to different businesses or individuals that you can choose from. Pick a mortgage broker with the most connections to increase your chances of getting the best deal.

Consider your rates

Mortgage rates are very important while choosing broker agency, You may get quotes from 5 or 6 broker agencies and compare best rates . It can handy way to select good broker. One of the qualities of a good mortgage broker is one who can find you the best rates in the market according to your needs. Even though a mortgage broker cannot be able to quote an exact figure, he should be able to give you a general idea of what to expect. By collecting sufficient information regarding your loan he should be able to find you the best rates and one that you can easily afford.

Experience and skills

Just like in any other profession, a good broker should have sufficient skills and experience to be able to deliver quality work. He should have experience in working with other clients of different needs. In this way, a broker is likely to find you an offer that is tailored to your particular need.

Registered companies

In a developed country such as New Zealand, there are many companies that have mortgage brokers that you can easily find. An established company should be able to provide the best mortgage brokers in the market. Before settling on a particular company, check its reputation and cost to help you figure out whether to ask for its services or not.

Consider the cost

Most mortgage brokers in New Zealand do not ask for payment for their services since they are paid by the copaymentnies they work for. Although some require you to pay them for their services. In order to choose the best broker, consider the quality of versus the cost. Always choose the one you can afford and with the best quality. One should also keep in mind that a cheap broker could also mean poor services. So, if any agency provides free quotes, free consultation or phone assessments, these are key factors for choosing a broker.


Top Mortgage Brokers in New Zealand from globalfinancenz

Having said that, there are many common mistakes that one could make while choosing a mortgage broker. Let us explore some of them as outlined below:

Settling for the cheapest

If you are in need of a mortgage loan, you could probably need the best rates and the best services. Choosing the cheapest mortgage broker could cost you a lot in the future as compared to the amount you could have paid for the best mortgage broker.

Lack of personal research

Before settling for a particular mortgage broker, you should be able to carry out a background research concerning their services and reputation. Without proper research, one could end up being duped or stolen from unnecessarily.

Hiring a relative or a friend

One could not like to put a good relationship in jeopardy for a mortgage loan. This is why it is advisable not to engage relatives or friends in the business. This could also affect the quality of services you get from them. Do not take any risk regarding financial matters. You definitely need professional and expertise personal to consult you regarding financial issues.

Rushing in

When looking for a mortgage loan, one could be really desperate and in dire need of a quick solution, therefore, settling for the first mortgage broker they find. While this could solve their problems, it could be dangerous to settle for the wrong one. It is, therefore, safe to take your time. It might take 3 to 4 weeks to process. So, do not make any rush regarding documentation. Remember, proper documentation can lead highest mortgage approval rates.

Thinking that all mortgage brokers are the same:

A good mortgage broker is one who can treat you well as a professional and find you the best rates in the market. these kind of mortgage brokers are often more expensive. Hence one should make an effort to find the best and not just assume. In New Zealand, there are many mortgage agencies and independents brokers provide same services. However, each agency is not same. Some agencies are highly respected, awarded and experienced. However, some agencies may not have the standard expertise of work in the mortgage industry.

Ignoring sound advice

You may have been told a lot of negative stories about the mortgage broker you have settled on but you somehow hope that your case could be different. This could be detrimental to your case and you could end up losing a lot of money. It is wise to listen to sound advice and warnings

In conclusion, it is advisable to find the best mortgage broker to help you find the best rates and the mortgage loan that you can easily afford. However, one should ensure to choose the best in order to find the best service.



How to find best mortgage broker in Auckland, New Zealand?

The dynamic and competitive nature of mortgage loan credit sector has contributed to a paradigm shift by banks and lending institution from in-sourced mortgage loan selling to use of intermediaries. Most of New Zealander look for mortgage or lending services for buying their first home. However, it is not easy for some cases, In this blog, I am going to point out the best way to find reliable and experienced mortgage brokers in Auckland, New Zealand. Basically, there are two major types of finance consultant available in New Zealand. Some are independent financial consultants and some works with the agency. It is a bit hard to find best service provider however, it is not really hard to sort top 5 brokers. Attached video can give bit idea regarding top 5 brokerages agency in Auckland.

There is another slide regarding top 5 best mortgage broker agency in New Zealand. It might give a better idea regarding good and experienced mortgage agency.

Top 5 Mortgage Brokers in Auckland, New Zealand from globalfinancenz

These intermediaries are known as mortgage brokers whose role is to broker mortgage loans on behalf of businesses. The role that the brokers play have become increasingly vital such as complementary marketing, offering financial and legal advice to the clients, shopping around for tailor-made products, helping the loan applicants gather all the necessary documents, and helping them in the application process as well, and finally assessing the customer’s financial circumstances that may contribute to the fate of their credit applications.

To get the best Mortgage broker in New Zealand one should take into consideration the following eight qualities

8 Qualities of a good mortgage broker

  • A good broker agency should be regulated and licensed for each consultants. This is particularly important because every financial industry is culpable to dishonest cartels and the only way to stop them is through legal means.
  • To complement this they need to be members of a professional body to ensure they adhere to ethics and conducts such as those outlined in Consumer protection regimes.
  • It is also important to ensure that the brokers one goes for have high approval ratings. The way to know this is multifaceted. These days there are Google reviews in case of online brokers, but the perfect way is to use the referral of friends, relatives, and workmate.
  • A good broker should be highly acquainted with the products they are selling. If borrowers find various disconnection in the information given by your broker with ideal reality such as use of hyperbole and cunning persuasive language that is devoid of facts.
  • A good broker should also keep in touch consistently during the entire application process.
  • They should have a high pedigree of honesty disclosing beforehand all the costs, hidden or not to the borrower. The loan application agreements are usually tenuous to read.
  • They should also avail a great deal of loan options to the borrower to choose from.
  • A good mortgage broker should also be professional, with excellent customer service and etiquette, in order to motivate customer retention.

While choosing a mortgage broker, borrowers always makes the following six mistakes;

  1.  Over-reliant on websites and solicitations from emails in the place of real-time one on one relations.
  2. Not shopping around for credit options such as those that can be found with mortgage brokers.
  3. Not doing enough homework on mortgage trends and underlying issues before contacting brokers.
  4. Over-reliance on interest rates while looking for mortgage brokers.
  5. Being overly confident about their creditworthiness and therefore not taking clues from brokers.
  6. Not taking into consideration the structure of the mortgage loans and therefore making the mistakes while sourcing for a broker and being influenced by skimpy promotional information.